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What Sets Us Apart

At SHIFU CONSULTANCY (PTY) LTD, our distinction lies not just in what we offer, but in how we offer it.
Here’s what makes our services unparalleled:

Customized Solutions Over DIY

Unlike the common offerings of low-cost or free, DIY customizable websites, we provide tailored optimization and a comprehensive, turnkey solution to kickstart your web presence.

Beyond Basic Design

While anyone can create logos and compile images, we delve deeper. We understand that these elements alone do not make a website successful or functional for your business.

Clarity and Usability

Our priority is a website that is not just visually appealing, but also straightforward, clear, and user-friendly. We believe in creating sites that your clients will find serious and credible, minimizing the risk of losing them due to complexity or poor design.

A Holistic Approach

We offer a 360-degree service that encompasses:

  • Brand Analysis: Understanding your brand’s ethos and goals.
  • Logo Design: Crafting a logo that represents your brand effectively.
  • Webpage Creation: Designing and developing your site’s pages.
  • Optimization: Ensuring your site delivers an outstanding user experience and performs well across search engines.
  • Quality and Affordability: Delivering a high-quality product that balances excellence with cost-effectiveness.

Our commitment

To not just meet, but exceed your web presence needs with services that are meticulously tailored to propel your business forward, at prices that respect your budget.

Our Services

Discover unparalleled services at competitive prices, our strengths that set us apart:

Unmatched Security

  • Robust Servers: Experience superior speed with our low-latency servers powered by Oracle, ensuring your website operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • Hacker-Proof Protection: Our websites are shielded by advanced proxy services, making them impervious to hacker attacks. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your online presence is secure.

Comprehensive Website Management and Updates

  • Weekly Backups: We prioritize your data’s safety with regular weekly backups, ensuring you never lose vital information.
  • Unlimited Email Aliases: Expand your professional reach with infinite email aliases, tailored to suit every part of your business.
  • International Cookie Law Compliance: Stay ahead with websites that are fully compliant with international cookie laws, ensuring global standards and user trust.

Our Packages

Explore our bespoke web solutions, designed to elevate your online presence.
Tailored for the South African market, our packages blend innovation with efficiency, ensuring your digital footprint not only stands out but thrives.

Package 1: The Foundation

  • Logo Design & Optimization: Expert analysis, creation, or enhancement of your logo in various formats for optimal web and print use.
  • Turnkey Website with 5 Pages: A comprehensive, ready-to-launch website featuring five essential pages to showcase your business.
  • Google Business Profile: Creation or optimization of your Google Business profile to enhance your online visibility.
  • Basic Search Engine Positioning: Essential SEO to lay the groundwork for your online presence.
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Package 2: The Growth Accelerator

  • Includes Everything in Package 1, Plus:
  • Unlimited Pages: Expand your site with as many pages as you need, tailored to your business’s unique requirements.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Streamline your image handling with our DAM system, enhancing site speed and SEO for up to 1GB of multimedia content.
  • Advanced SEO & Indexing: Comprehensive SEO strategies and site indexing to boost your visibility and search rankings.
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Package 3: The E-Commerce Powerhouse

  • Includes Everything in Package 2, Plus:
  • E-Commerce Integration: Launch your online store for products or services with a sleek, user-friendly e-commerce platform.
  • Shopping Cart & Payment Gateway: A seamless shopping cart experience integrated with leading payment platforms to facilitate easy online purchases.
  • Advanced SEO & Indexing: Comprehensive SEO strategies and site indexing to boost your visibility and search rankings.
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